Emily Heller Thanksgiving Jam

Why I Love Emily and Nate Heller’s “Thanksgiving Jam” 2016

“Thanksgiving Jam” is an annual tradition. It’s a totem, a grounding element. It reminds me what I’m thankful for: comedy, weirdos, creative energy, music, friends and family. Emily Heller is a comedian, writer and actor known for role in TBS’ “Ground Floor”, her Comedy Central “The Half Hour” and her podcast Baby Geniuses. Nate Heller is a songwriter …

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Sketch Sunday: “Mind Jack” by Brent Weinbach

What was thought to be a one-time sleight of handjob has instantly become the most Brentweinbachian set-up/punchline delivery to a rote comedy trope. Comedy is the easiest solution to the problem of magic. The mysticism, overly-serious showmanship, pageantry, and invasive, elaborate ruses can be instantly and perennially mocked by just fucking up, or fucking somebody …

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Podcasts on Blast: My Dumb Friends’ “Episode #144: David Gborie”

  Podcast: My Dumb Friends. Hosts: Dan St. Germain, Sean Donnelly Guest(s): David Gborie Official Description: “Each week join Dan St. Germain and Sean Donnelly while they hang out with their funny friends and talk about the dumbest stuff they’ve ever done. Produced by Thomas Attila Lewis. One of Paste Magazine’s ‘20 Best Comedy Podcasts …

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Sketch Saturday: “My Life In Comedy” by Anna Seregina

Every hero needs an origin story. This is Anna Seregina’s. For the uninitiated, Seregina was a stand-up in San Francisco before relocating to Los Angeles. As above, so below, she’s honed a style that’s confessional, impressional, off-center and something you can root for.     In this directorial debut, Seregina cross casts herself as the …

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Sketch Saturday: “CLWN” by Nothing’s Wrong

“There’s no excuse to be bored. Sad, yes. Angry, yes. Depressed, yes. Crazy, yes. But there’s no excuse for boredom, ever.” — Some strong words from Viggo Mortensen.   Alas, Ben Kolina and Cameron Vannini are bored and debate what phone app they should use to alleviate their nothingness while a clown, Ron Chapman, idles …

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Show Review: Caitlin Gill @ Punch Line San Francisco (3/2/16)

Comedy god Joan Rivers once said that one of the perks to a comic’s lifestyle was being a “warm blanket to put around everyone.”   Five years ago I was introduced to Caitlin Gill primarily through her arms, affectionately referred to as “the scoops” (because they were forged by eating scoops of ice cream). Caitlin …

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Sketch Saturday: “Open Carry Office” by F-Comedy

Guns are fun. I can’t deny that. Most comedy about guns is about negligence, overabundance, or just plan wackiness. Isaac Hayes (RIP) in I’m Gonna Get You Sucka comes to mind. Cartoons with anthropormophic bullets rounding corners and skidding to a halt to read a sign and jetting off in the opposite direction as their …

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Big Ups to Big Homie Frankie Quinones, Watch Funny Drop on Más Mejor

Big Homies are important in the San Francisco comedy scene. They tell you where to go, who to talk to, where to hang out. They show what it is to be a polished, professional type. They give you that critical feedback and validation of they like your work. Might even take you under their wing, …

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Sketch Saturday: “What Do YOU Remember About the ‘90s?” by Blessed.

Birthed in 1988, my cognition didn’t really kick in until 1995. Even then, growing old, alcoholism, and repressed memories have rendered the last hurray of the 20th Century an ambiguous mess.   I remember more about the “I Love the” series than I remember about my own childhood. And, outside of cartoons and learning that I …

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