Onion Juice: Countdown to the Purple Onion (The Guys)

I’m performing at the Purple Onion for better or worse it’s happening August 28th. Still a lot to do and a lot to talk about but I’m obliged to tell you why I’m so optimistic about my show. As I’ve written about before I’m featured on a show with two of my favorites on the scene: Jabari Davis and Melanie O’Brien. In addition to those style giants, my show also features three gentlemen whom I personally know and immensely respect.

Joey Bragg

I saw Joey Bragg at the BrainWash and he immediately bowled me over. A prodigy of sorts, cool, crispy, smooth and delivering gems of a bygone era (my adolescents). I admire the ire he and inspires and the deserved recognition of being talented first and a youngster second. 

Eric Murphy

Eric is cool. He hosts an open mic in North Beach at the Impala Lounge where I’ve been featured a few times. His work ethic is to be respected and his cadence/tone is intriguing to watch. He also references pro-wrestling in his act so I have to give it up to him for that.

Bryan Moore

Bryan Moore is our “Special Guest”. I just saw him at Pissed of Pete’s and I can personally attest to his goofy charm and grandeur. Plus he’s also a good dude off stage. Bryan and Jabari are going to be a dramatic one-two punch to end my show.

So there you have it folks. I know everybody on the bill. I like everybody on the bill. We all compliment each other and overall create the best card out of the entire weekend.

If you want to see the best show of the four: go to http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/122517 and select August 28th at 8:00PM. Or find me and I’ll get you in for a discount.

Thank you for reading