Saturday - Justin Scales’ Last Stand @ Viracocha 10pm

VIRACOCHA antique Gallery!

998 Valencia at 21st.

San Francisco

That’s right Motha Fuckas!!! I’m ending San Francisco Appearances to Hole up for a year perfecting my autobiography/one man shows/premature aRrests based on insinuated threats i didnt mean but really did, AND then i’m moving to Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I’m sorry, I tried my best, I Have to seek other ways to sustain myself as a story teller. If you’ve known me over the years, If you’ve said “He’s brilliant but don’t let him be alone with your unwashed underwear” please take advantage of this last chance to see him live :( 

I’m doing 50 minutes for the first album called “Implausible Truths” Then the host does ten more minutes and Scales comes back for 50 more minutes to tape the second half of the LIVE DOUBLE comedy album called “LOVE IS A RAT BASTARD FROM HELLLLLL!!!!
YOU GET TO BE THE LAUGH TRACK! YOU will actually be there!!! And you better laugh because Scales doesn’t like it if you don’t laugh!!!! 

It’s Free!! it’s in a BYOB speakeasy in a Mission District antique shop basement! (my BUDDY jONATHON’S antique store Viracocha!!!) Saturday September 11th!! 10 PM! Don’t Bomb!

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(Justin Scales is one of the most verbose and dynamic performers on the scene. It’s grating and captivating as he spits liquid rust on the audience. He’s going to be missed but not before he kicks another dent into the San Francisco comedy. Come out to see something special)