I interviewed Tom Green for SF Standup last week. It was really interesting, and you will notice, I barely asked any questions. He’s at Cobb’s this weekend, and he’ll be doing stand-up with Rob Schneider after the Giants game Sunday.  (Also on that lineup is Mark Pitta, with whom I’m performing at Rooster T. Feathers all weekend).

Here’s an excerpt:

You do the web show out of your real house. How much work goes into converting your home into a workable TV studio?

TG: It’s been pretty intensive. You can obviously do a simpler version of what I’m doing, but over the four years we’ve done the show, we’ve constantly added on to the studio, rebuilding and redesigning things. It’s literally taking up half my house at this point. The wiring goes through the ceiling and into another room where we’ve made an edit bay. The living room is full of cameras and tables with all the switching equipment. Initially, I just thought it would be fun to do a live broadcast out of that room. My living room is really the perfect shape for a show. It’s funny, it’s actually much better as a TV studio than it was as a living room.

But it’s still my living room. When I have friends over and I’m not doing the show, I can turn on the studio lights and we can sit around the set, having a chat.

So it’s not a surreal experience to live in a TV studio?

TG: Well, it’s only one end of the house. I walk in there every day, and – it’s fun to me to have my own little TV studio. It’s such a big part of my life. It almost feels like having a really cool piece of art on the wall. I can walk in, bring the lights up, and sit there having a cup of coffee. I get a lot of humor out of it. But I have other parts of the house that I don’t broadcast from.

At the end of the day, yeah, it is surreal. I have people coming up to the house all the time to do the show. There are two guys who work for the channel working the house all the time. It does change your sense of privacy. Often I feel more like I’m living in a television studio than I feel like there’s a television studio in my house. It’s really taken over the place.