No Aziz? No Paul? No Problem! SNOB THEATER!

If you’re baller, you already know and have tickets to the sold out Aziz Ansari show.

or extra baller if you have tickets to the sold out Paul F. Tompkins show

If you’re not one of the few to hear Mr. Ansari and Mr. Tompkins, there is an option for you.

Snob Theater @ The Dark Room Theater (2263 Mission Street) $10. 10 PM. SF. 

Now I don’t know how many tickets are left so if you don’t want to repeat the same heartbreak of missing the finite window to see PFT And Double A, GET TO THE DARK ROOM EARLY. I will be there, with all the flyest honeys, laughing my mass off. Maybe you should stop sucking on those marbles and get down to the Dark Room.