Saturday Festivities (in a Comedy Paradigm)

Walk the Plank Comedy Competition. 286 Jefferson St. SF. 8 PM. $? . Featuring Arnie Ponce, Emmanuel Baja, Nina G and much more. (One again, the comedy cosmos are shattered by an competition. God help us all.)

The Alternates Stand-Up Comedy Showcase @ Cal Berkeley. 2060 VLSB (Valley Life Sciences Building). 7 PM. $1 (Almost a year since meeting these kids, and undeniably a wide growth with all involved. Good times with good kids)

Jericho: “For the Love of the Game”. 2 Shows @ 10 Evans. Saturday 11/6 and Sunday 11/7. $3. (Cal Berkeley’s premier improv/sketch group performs its first big show of the semester. The gang has been promoting this pretty hard and they have the talent to back it up. Plus who can say no, to karate kids?)