Tony Sparks’ Comedy Class

November 11 (Tomorrow) @ The Purple Onion. 140 Columbus Ave. 8 PM. $20. A Double Event - Tony Sparks Vast Wisdom and a showcase featuring Big Al Gonzalez, Kabeezy and Vincent Oshana.

(Breakdown: Tony Sparks is the Godfather of Bay Area Comedy, and for good reason. He’s been a consistent presence in the scene for nearly two decades and has been the gateway to everyone in the scene. Now he wants to share his expertise, which unless you’re swimming in cash and booked into 2020, you definitely want to hear. Tony has an infinite amount of wisdom on jokes, writing, presentation, and other stand-up comedy tours. Whether you’re just starting or you need a refresher from a different perspective, Tony’s class can help.

In addition to this you have three established comedians who hold the prestige of making a living in one of the hardest markets to crack. In growing comically, it’s important to watch comedy from a variety of sources and this events allows four unique voice for you to soak in.)

(Photo Credits:

Tony Sparks by. Imran G

Big Al Gonzalez by. Mikhail Chernyavsky)