Saturday Night Comedy for Lethargic Lollygaggers

Hey! You don’t have anything to do tonight San Francisco? Sitting around with nothing to do and you need a good laugh? Well… you’ve come to the right place.

First up I have the Nudes. Don’t worry, they’re not nudist, they’re We Are Nudes. Tonight features a bit of a format change. While John is taking care of business in Los Angeles, Donny, Alec and Laura are hosting a variety show in the middle of the SOMA district. Viracocha @ Valencia and 21st St. This blurb will explain further

Come see the Nudes and friends!

8 o’clock show
doors open 7:30
$5 tickets


Donny Divanian
Laura Ferrari
Alec Jones Trujillo

Edna Barron
Kurt Bodden
Jessie Elias
Luz Gaxiola
Joan Howard
Thomas John
Natasha Kaluza
Sean Keane
Cory Loykasek
Nikolas Strubbe
Chris Thayer

funny show, cheap beer

There you go. There’s no way to properly convey how much talent is on this card. You’re just going to have to get your buns to Viracocha. I might buy you a cupcake if you say you’re there for the show.

OPTION 2-es:

Jabari Davis and Associates present Live @ The Purple Onion. 140 Columbus Ave. SF. 8 & 10 o’Clock shows. $20.

(Jabari is becoming one of the most prolific showrunners in the town. Tonight offers comedy from some really great up-and-comers and its great to see so many people with gobs of potential get the opportunity to rock it at the Purple Onion. Look out for Josh Argyle, that guy is quickly becoming a champ.)

Last Night of the Walk The Plank Semi-Finals. 8 PM. $15. (Note: This show is selling out fast so you might want to get down to the wharf to figure out what all the fuss is about. Or you can buy your tickets HERE)