Lukely Birthday

Photo by. Travis Curry

Few are protagonists. Everybody is the star of their own story, but few are the hero of a larger tome. Few earn the respect, adulation, and acknowledgment that they are of a different, special breed. Few would make interesting subjects of the human condition; few are Gatsby, few are Holden, few are Montag. Luke Lockfeld is one of these characters; reality aside he’s fictional. He’s a compelling person and a propelling comedian.

Today is Luke Lockfeld’s birthday. Happy Birthday Luke.

The great thing about Luke is that immediately there is a mystery. It’s his birthday, but is it, and which is it? What is a birthday to somebody mature beyond their years, who commands the attention of peers and superiors? What is a birthday to somebody timeless?

Luke has always been extremely genuine and incredibly truthful. He’s gracious about everything he’s given, even the bad bits that would normally rub the magic off of somebody. Luke works extremely hard, earning his chances and performing with more polish than a tap dancer. His commitment to the craft is beautiful; he’s never turned down a show, never takes a break and never stops writing. At a recent showcase in Brisbane, CA he stated

"I don’t turn down a show because there is something special about connecting with an audience" [Paraphrased]

He embraces everything (people, experiences, etc) and thus we should embrace him and spend a little time with Luke Lockfeld. You’ll love it.

Early Luke

(Clever and confrontational, staples of Luke to this day)

Present Luke