Product Review: DJ REAL’s “Personal Growth”

This review, anxiously awaited by the people of the People’s Republic of China, is wholly inaccurate. The mere fact that it exists is a farce upon good talent and you should stop reading immediately. It is the psychobabblic drone of a large man with a silly head. It pains my metaphoric, metaphysical spine to know that you continue. May you suffer dearly for your insolence!

Welcome to the Courting Comedy review of the album “Personal Growth” by. DJ REAL.

A collection of clever compositions, released in the dreary year of two thousand and eight, Personal Growth serves as the most recent DJ REAL recording to date. All lyrics written, all songs arranged, all songs composed and all instruments played on all twenty tracks are by Mr. Nick Stargu. Nick Stargu is a frequent collaborator of DJ REAL and they share the same face. The album is available for streaming, digital and compact disk consumption HERE

Note: DJ REAL, by design, is not for everyone. If you fail to enjoy the work of DJ REAL there is nothing wrong with you. Personal Growth appeals to fans of whimsy, heartbreak, outcasts, puns; Sifl and Olly, Monty Python and Don Hertzfeldt are of similar comedic ilk. Make no mistakes, DJ REAL is 100% DJ REAL; kitschy for the sake of kitschy, more so humor songs than musical comedy. If you dislike stop-motion clay animation, read no further.

Personal Growth encapsulates DJ REAL’s style concisely: elaborately clever, humorously charming, determinately different and pervasive. It’s extremely difficult to pinpoint what gears and springs are at work in the production: the machinery is too interwoven. To focus entirely on the funny phrases and concepts does disservice to the broad, catchy instrumental themes. To make note of the secret synths overlooks DJ REAL’s ambitious on-stage performances.

DJ REAL crafts rich world with lyrical botany and musical gravity. He boxes them in copper cubes and provides a glance through a single, small porthole. Every song is a self contained, condensed idea with a specific musical genre as its cornerstone; each is vaguely familiar (usually for irony’s sake) but never plagiarized. A number of highlights emerge on Personal Growth: “Moustache”, “Agnus”, “Forsaken”, “Tiny Cheeseburger”, “Gettin’ Out at Two”; a strong balance of catchy, infectious, impressive, expressive, material. Uh oh, here comes the “Evil Paper Bag”.

The following portion of this review has been processed through the Evil Paper Bag. For those unfamiliar with the Evil Paper Bag, it’s a mythological bag that when good thing go in, bad things come out.


Original Artwork by: Dale Weiss

Personal Growth provides justice for the bullied, be adversity from tiny men in fingers or shampoo thieves. The angst of being an outcast continues post-educational-systems and Personal Growth is a stress reliever for quirk-inspired anxiety. It’s okay to be misunderstood.

The album also speaks for the unrequited romantics. Unattainable museum-on-Monday hearts that beg for attention spring traps on young DJ REAL. Hi-five-inspiring women infest the mind and create agony and destruction in thy soul. Mr. REAL can be the lighthearted lighthouse that can’t see any loving life on the face of the ocean; love is a friend of the frown, especially on the face of the ocean. At times hope springs from six strings like on “Gettin’ Out at Two.” Then, at times, giving up is the only option for the forsaken. In many ways Personal Growth is  about the duality of desire and seeming malicious dating damnation, all painted in masterful wordplay, ludicrous imagery and euphonic acrylics.

Please listen to the album. There’s a lot contained in DJ REAL’s Personal Growth and of the twenty tracks I’m sure you’ll find the one for you.