Courting Sketchfest ‘11: Upright Citizens Brigade ASSSSKAT Improv

The Upright Citizens Brigade are not trivial. They are not your run of the mill sketch, improv group. They’re the face of nothing short of a comedy revolution. 

Explanation: Group of four performers with a show on MTV in the mid-90s evolved into movies, theaters, tours, and an identity for an generation of comedy lovers. Most impressively they’ve help house some of the most important, new, brilliant minds in the comedy-sphere. There are too numerous from the UCB framework to mention without fatal omission. 

On January 13th, three-fourths of the original group will be opening Sketchfest with their trademark improv show: ASSSSCAT. The premise of ASSSSCAT is a random word, guest monologist tells a story about that word, an improvised scene of those story elements, a related story by the monologist, another scene. From this format and the strength of the performers, a bright-eyed comedy baby is formed and it is adorable. And the best part about this baby is that you don’t have to worry about it when the show is over. It just dissipates into far obscure memories of scattered lines difficult to relate to those outside the walls of the environment. 

Alongside the UCB are Andrew Daly, Tim Meadows and Danielle Schneider. Andrew Daly is an extremely talented character actor. He released an album a couple of years ago: 9 tracks, 9 characters, all great. Tim Meadows is also an actor, a star of Saturday Night Live and the Ladies’ Man film (which continues to be a favorite of my father). Danielle Schneider is (get this), an actress who is racking up recognition with creative partner Dannah Phirman. Some cool videos from all involved with this inaugural performance are below. Tickets are $35 and the show will be at the Marines’ Memorial Theater at 8 PM. 

Classic Upright Citizens Brigade

Tim Meadows and Andrew Daly in Semi Pro.

Be a Celebutante: Ep. 1: Be a Watch more comedy videos from the twisted minds of the UCB Theatre at

Dannah and Danielle as Celebutantes.