I’m posting this song, “Easter Island”, at the insistence of several friends who enjoyed hearing it. It’s from 2006, and as far as I’m concerned it’s an unfinished relic from my musical past. I wrote the song and played all the instruments.

A great engineer (and human being) named Justin Phelps recorded most of the tracks at a studio called Tiny Telephone in San Francisco. I re-recorded lead vocals and added keyboard parts at home. I mixed it myself out of necessity (I was broke at the time).

One of the great things about comedy is the stories that lead up to stage. Some of the people on yuk yuk mic have some mind blowing hidden talents. One such person is Steven LeBeau who is a proverbial Renaissance man in his written works, inventions (he made the shake weight), and musical prowess. I present Sir Steven Lebeau and his song “Easter Island”

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