So, this is happening.  10 Days left to fund Thugs The Musical. Wanna help me make it? Click the link above or visit to go to our Kickstarter page and donate!  Thanks for your support!

Hey Guys. Anybody who knows me, knows I’m a fan of Broadway musicals. Wicked, Beauty and the Beast, Rent, Hello Dolly! I have never seen these shows. I just know a few choice songs. I’m too broke to be in a theater. Still, I’m a fan of the arts and one project that is capturing my attention is Thugs: The Musical. This project is under the helm of Sir Kevin Avery, who is celebrating a birthday today. I implore you, please contribute to Thugs: the Musical, I’m pretty sure getting to achieve dreams is a good birthday present. And if you don’t do it for Kevin, do it for Johnny.