Courting Sketchfest: The Sketchfest Dozen

With SF Sketchfest right around the bend, let’s take time to observe one of the more intimate and long-running programs in the line-up: The Sketchfest Dozen. Basically the shows are stand up showcases of two (out of 12) performers whom are extremely talented and overwhelmingly promising. Alongside the Dozen are some of San Francisco’s luminary comedians providing hosting support. All in all, the shows serve to highlight the some of the best soon to breakthrough comedic artists.

The Dozen:

Matt Braunger

Deon Cole

Chris Fairbanks

Jamie Kilstein

Jen Kirkman

Mary Mack

Dan Mintz

Kumail Nanjiani

Chelsea Peretti

Dan Telfer

Baron Vaughn

Harris Wittels

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The Locals:

Emily Heller

Kevin O’Shea

Caitlin Gill

Sean Keane

Chris Garcia

Mary Van Note