You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes. Episode 63. Greg Behrendt. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here

We don’t care it’s a holiday, weirdos! Here’s a hot and fresh YMIW for you to enjoy on your roadtrip to watch explosions in the sky (fireworks, not the band. maybe the band.). Greg Behrendt! (Walking the Room podcast, comedy, instrumental ska!) He came in! He made it weird! HE MADE IT GREAT. You make it possible. Well, that’s kind of true. I mean, we did it, but if you didn’t listen WHAT WOULD BE THE POINT? Please enjoy you 4th of July weirdos!!

[Former San Franciscan, Greg Behrendt, flaunts his coolness like a phoenix-peacock. Great episode, very introspective and very insightful.]