Overview: The Shows of FCC Free Radio

FCC Free Radio is local broadcasting service that provides live streaming entertainment as well as archival podcasts. Among the many general talk shows and music programs the station hosts a number of comedian based podcasts. Each show has a similar format: talk related, community based, interview oriented and used as a promotional tool for the host and their guests. Each show is also largely identified by the curator, offering a specific, unique perspective for a couple of hours. Here’s the rundown of the comedy shows currently in rotation, the best quote to define the show, and a song that embodies what the show is about.

You’re Welcome w/ Coree Spencer

"I love my mom"

The Paul Simmons Show

"This is Paul Simmons"

The John Miller Program w/ Susan Maletta

"Hookers and Blow"

The Edge of Insanity w/ Paul Brumbaugh

"It’s 4:20, you know what that means"

New Show Debuting this Monday. 4PM-6PM. "You’re A Effing Moron Podcast" w/ Chantel Williams and Brian King