I’ll Pay You Tuesday for a Laugh Today (1/18/2011)

Harvey’s Funny Tuesday. 500 Castro St. 9 PM. One Drink Minimum. Featuring Ronn Vigh, Marcella Arguello, Conrad Roth and headliner: Ali Mafi. Hosted by. Liz Grant. (I lost my keys at this place.)

High Street Station Cafe. 1303 High Street. Alameda, CA. 7:30 PM. $5. Featuring Rachel McDowell, Justin Harrison, Chris Garcia, Sean Keane and more. (Business is picking up)

Rockit Room Open Mic. 406 Clement St. SF. 7:30-10 PM. Free 99. (Pencils!)

SYLVAN OPEN IMPROV. 7:30 PM. Dark Room Theater. 2263 Mission St. SF. Free.99 (Always a surprise, like a puppy in at work. It’s impossible to not have fun with these guys.)

Blue Room @ Club 93 (on 9th St.). 10-12 P.M. 21+. SF. Hosted by David Hawkins. (Big comic hang out. Late, late nights).

Layover Comedy. 1517 Franklin. Oakland. 8:30. 21+. No Cover. Hosted by Mike Spiegelman. Featuring Kaseem Bentley, Shanti Charan, Kurt Weitzmann, Howard Stone, Miles K, Donny Divanian and more. (There’s a lot of styles in the Layover tonight.)