The John Miller Program W/ Chantel Williams (filling in for Susan Maletta).

Backstory: Martin Luther King’s Birthday. Kaseem told me to come to the radio station. I eat donuts. Enter the station. In walks Kaseem with David Gborie. We proceed to take over FCC Radio and talk about being black in America while Kaseem tells John to shut up on his own show. We (Kaseem, David and I) should have our own program. Most likely, we will.

Topics Include: Loud Music, Indie Comedy Nerds at Sketchfest, David Gborie, Seagulls, Wharf Room, Racism, Black School, Laughter, Sierra Leone, Colorado, Step-Fathers, African American African African, “Africa’s Alright”, Irish Punch, Fighting, More Loud Music, Names, Native Americans, Pittsburg vs. Orinda, Arizona Nerd School, Old Nerdom, Virginity, Unicorn, Gentlementality, Medicine, Nice Guy Swag, Handjobs, Pie in the Sky Bullshit