Tonight: BANANAZZZ West Coast Premiere @ Hemlock Tavern. 1131 Polk St. SF. 8PM. $5. Featuring Kevin O’Shea and Joey Devine. Music by DSTVV.

supp posers im craig, lead singer of art-punk trailblazers BANANAZZZ and im coming to san francisco to screen our documentary at the hemlock on sunday, august 26th. it’s a deep look at the pressures of being a PUNK POET GENIUS with a band full of normals, and trying to make art the actually means something WHATEVER watch the trailer here:¬†

along with the screening there will be a q&a with me, darren (idiot drummer) and some chick named kate that directed the thing.

 PREPARE INTELLIGENT QUESTIONS!! and prepare to get the shit punked out of you by ME.

also on the bill will be “comedy” (ugh) from people who i have been told are very funny (if you like humour). those people are listed below: