Comedian Highlight: Nina (Key of G)

The misunderstanding of Miss Understanding

Great, grand, gracious

Mind sharp, heart spacious

Truth holding defender

against the ignorant and racists

Nina from Alameda

An inspiration and a leader

Whose brain requires her to be a syllable repeater

Whose mouth becomes a heater

to roast ye hacky cheaters

Who mockingly repeat her

But surely can’t defeat her

As she speaks ether through the speakers

Changing the grey matter of all receivers

Turning unknowing to true believers

The miseducation of Miss Education

Truth be told, she would hold

Dreams of bounding boards since eleven years old

Martin, Radner, Pryor inspired

Nina to speak through wires

but internal fire met a world quite cold

And her special speech turned to fear

That kept her growth in stunted control

Her voice silent for years

til an epiphany told her need to be bold

And weave back breaking straws into comedy gold

In demand from Vegas to Sacramento

Her art to create, destiny to take hold

The misadventures of Miss Adventure

And now she stands bookended by bookers

Trying to book her or trying to “book” her

A minority within a minority within a minority

A fresh commodity for the majority

Quickly rising despising conformity

A crusader smuggling social justice in sex jokes

Satire in words spoke

of where she’s been and where she’s going

All the while enjoying

Sharing in the artform of Bruce and Carlin

The daring darling

Nina with two “N”s

Double birds til the end

For cocksuckers and friends

whilst in a key of “G”. 

Nina. Photo by. Imran G (no relation).