Tonight: Jabari Davis and Associates @ The Purple Onion. 140 Columbus Ave. SF. Two Shows: 8 and 10 PM. Featuring iLs Goldbarg, Stephen Ku, Wilder Shaw, Chase Perdue, Desi Johnson, Yuri Kagan, Mimi Vilmenay and more. Hosted by Tony Sparks. Headlined by Travis and Zach Chiappellone. Blessed by Jabari Davis. 

[Note: These shows are technically sold out. They are a hot ticket. Still, it’s raining and people from SF are deathly afraid of the rain. So, stay tuned to Jabari’s twitter: here, and keep up with so that you’re not out in water while a hilarious show is going on in the cellar]

[He’s back and it’s going to be]