Product Review: If These Balls Could Talk

Whooping applause welcomes Louis Katz, comedian/director/person, to the crowning of his album recording; a hot, Sacramento crowd. Such love isn’t something to squander, oh no, as Katz returns the sentiment with immediate self-deprecation, the kind characterized by skyward chin, erect spine and a flaccid penis hanging through a gaping, open fly.

If These Balls Could Talk, the debut offering from Katz, released on Comedy Central Records, showcases the performer’s personality and distinct voice for sophisticated crass. The contents therein contained are ostensibly a loosely threaded celebration of women in all shapes, styles and annoyances. More of a podium and less of a confessional, Katz prescribes to hetero-normative leanings coinciding with informed irreverence that synthesizes into a platform for hyperbolic depravity and self-conscious sarcasm. The most egregious statements serve as contrarian feints to smuggle silly neologisms like “street chocolate” or “pussport”. Obviously joking, it’s impossible to glean an ounce of seriousness from Katz’s repertoire; the even keel delivery juxtaposes nicely with the sardonic cynicism.

Balls spews plasticine filth, rubber poop and fake blood, effectively crafting beautiful, romantic Dadaism. Society’s ills and thrills play king of the hill through Katz’s amplified consciousness. Comedy graded with a capital “A”, the album is remarkably amoral, apolitical and, in respect to the subject matter, atypical. The only politics in play during Balls are the satirical swipes at self righteous political correctness, evident in Katz’s gleeful manipulation of the audience’s groans and hollers.

Louis Katz grazes all of comedy’s tropes and traditions, addressing dating, holidays and childhood. “Hippie Roommate”, crown jewel, is a ridiculous lambaste of progressivism rife with the performer’s penchant for grandiose imagery and surly, whirly wordplay. “D.A.R.E. & Sex Ed” presents a posh, cyclical prose performed with tremendous poise and deft theatrics. “Clean Jokes” makes a reflective pitstop before “Date With a Pescatarian”-“Sluts & Premature Ejaculators” rallies the post modern shock display to a satisfying conclusion eliciting Katz’s idiosyncratic shine and bachelor grime. If These Balls Could Talk is comedy umami: consistent, salty and savory. Whether you enjoy its flavor is entirely up to you.