Podcast: The Mission Position w/ Matt Lieb and Kate Willett. Episode: Miles K/Caitlin Gill. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here.

Are you having problems with your love life? Do you want some more? Co-hosts Kate Willett and Matt Lieb are not licensed sex doctors, but they will give you sound advice (after which you should certainly seek a second opinion). Tune in to discuss your sex, love, and relationship issues with guests including local comedians, artists, and people who have been exposed by the SF Weekly for questionable ethics and small scale white collar crime.

The Mission Position welcomes two of the bay area’s favorite comedians. I know I say that about all of our guests, but this time I mean it. OK, well maybe not the bay area’s favorites, but certainly Matt and Kate’s favorite comedians: Caitlin Gill and Miles K. Join us in our most insightful and intelligent conversation to date/