YAY YAY YAY YAY!!! My February video is up at last! And you should watch it cause it’s like being in a room with Elton John himself (wokka wokka).

This was actually super challenging on multiple levels as is the endeavor to make one video per month in 2011 as a whole. But hey, a million inconsistencies, character breaking, and new challenges with audio later and i STILL love the shit out of this sketch/video. And more importantly and AMAZINGLY, i still love Elton John.

Thank you everyone who helped bring it all together. Especially TMAZ. You are all so great. Yay!!!

I look forward to the March video which will be crazyyyyy simpler because I’ll be borrowing from the one and only Lil’ B.

Not a Sketch Group presents: Jeff’s Last Ballad. Featuring Mary Van Note, Nicole Calasich, Conrad Roth, Joe Gorman, Jeff Cleary, Edwin Li and Matt Lieb. Directed by. Nicole Calasich. Shot by: Thomas Mazawa. Written by. David Cairns, Nicole Calasich and Joe Gorman

[Look and listen really close for all the little giggle things like Edwin corpsing or Matt Lieb’s trouser drop]