Podcast: Friday Night Film School (Live @ Lost Weekend Video/Cynic Cave). Episode 22: Re-Birth. Featuring Julia Prescott, Dave Child, Kevin O’Shea, Joey Devine and Caitlin Gill. 





Episode 22: FNFS LIVE! Re-Birth! at Lost Weekend Video in San Francisco

This week Professors Dave Child and Julia Prescot travel up to San Francisco to discuss the theme of Re-Birth! Invited to the classroom were three of SF’s best and brightest to discuss their favorite strange/weird/cult films that vaguely represent the theme. Hear Kevin O’Shea mull over the ethical quandary that is the film: SWITCH. Behold Joey Devine attempt to explain the beauty ofDREAMCATCHER, while Caitlin Gill recalls the MST3k classic: OVERDRAWN AT THE MEMORY BANK. Also discussed are: RE-ANIMATOR, FRANKENHOOKER, empty U-Hauls, awful brits, poop, feminism, the mentally handicapped, God, and THE MIND! Rise from the ashes, for it is FRIDAY NIGHT FILM SCHOOL!


Hosted and Created by Julia Prescott & Dave Child

Original Music by Paul-El 

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