We Love Alex Koll – An Aside.

By 11:20 we are panicing. The typical Tuesday-night fecal-feature of “Shitprov" at Dirty Trix is interrupted by R. Kelly, being played by Drunk DJ. Some have come from Milk Bar, some have shifted from the neighboring Neck of The Woods, all have condensed to watch Alex Koll, beloved Bay-Area jokester, on Conan O’Brien. Yet, for some God-forsaken-sports-related reason, Dirty Trix’s satellite television is playing Eurotrip, a prepubescent abomination featuring the little girl from Harriet the Spy.

I call Matt Louv, the only comedian in our neighborhood with a television, to see if he has cable. No. We try to change the settings on the Dirty Trix cable box. No. Right when everybody assumed the bow of defeat, Nicole "The Brave" Calasich, did what no one else could. She crossed the street. 

Dirty Trix — with frequent interruptions and name changes — has always been a home for comedy in the Richmond District. Now, in our time of need, we enter the domain of the enemy: The Bitter End. It’s a place where small town exclusivity meets pasty Anglo-ness in the midst of an Asian- neighborhood. Fastening a microphone — used for pub quizes — to the speakers, and herding in a murder of comics, we all look up at a bespectacled visage we love so well. 

Wizard hello, Alex!

Photo by Andrew Moore.

Word of advice: never do comedy in San Francisco for an extended period of time with honesty, tact, and sincerity. We will love you to pieces.