Here’s a short documentary I did for my editing and motion picture language classes. I interviewed some aspiring comedians and one working stand up about what comedy means to them. I had the opportunity to call Brent Weinbach for an interview, I talked to Allan McLeod over Skype, and Chris Gethard was game (name dropper, what’s up), but something I’ve learned is that recording interviews over the internet is shit business. So I had to do without those, though I appreciate their willingness to help out, as well as several of you guys that I may have asked the assistance of. The assignment due dates came quick, so eventually, I decided to hunker down with the interviews I had, of which had A LOT of great material. My first rough cut was at about 15 minutes, though the assignment asked for only 5. It was a shame to cut it out, but hey, you have to kill babies, or something, I don’t know, writing and editing techniques are weird like that. So yes, it’s small and jumpy, because the interviewees really like to expand upon their subject, but what I did have time for, I feel is interesting and fun.

Also, this is not related to the Courting Comedy blog- I’m just an uninspired fuck who can’t think of a cool name on his own. Really though, check THAT blog out- it’s fantastic.

But yes, I hope you enjoy to some degree! I had fun making it, and maybe some day I’ll get to cut together a longer cut, with all those juicy “um”s and “uh”s. 

[I approve this student film].