Comedian Highlight: Jesse Elias

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s with the utmost sincerity that I present these words to you. The following is a combination of truth, facts, opinion, lies, hyperbole and poetry put forward with love and admiration. This article will fall sure in expressing everlasting justice and will only serve as a landmark on an ever-expanding horizon. Still, if this writing increases awareness to a single person, it has served its intended purpose. Without further ado, Courting Comedy gives you Mr. Jesse Elias.

A crest of applause rises as dual spotlights converge center stage and the curtain splits down the middle. The illumination bounces off a frizzy-haired, svelte, bespectacled young man in a powder blue collared shirt and khaki pants: Jesse Elias. He slumps to the microphone; head lowered, left hand stained with dark markings and ojos obscured by lens sheen and head shag. His physicality is skittish yet endearing and his unique tonality completes the facade.

“Um, so yeah.”

Intrigue and assumption clash and cascade in the audience; Elias is an eelias, difficult to grasp and electric upon contact. The gravity of Jesse’s persona is genuine. The subsequent genius is pronounced with great pace, wit and design. His attention to the past gives way to glorious observations in the present leading undoubtedly to a bright future. Elias’ humor is marinated in history: war history, food history, game history, performance arts history, American history, world-wide-web history and most importantly, comedy history. Jesse knows the standards, decries the shortcuts and defines new age classical comedy.

Jesse Elias is the voice of a generation, a foremost speaker on growing up in the Nineteen-Nineties and early twenty-first century. He represents a 4chan champion probing the loneliness and loathing caused by the idolized missed connectivity of the here and now. He is the social disenfranchisement that refuses glorification or being pandered to. He uses aural hypertext mark-up language and acute satire beyond the question of “Why?” in search of the exclamation “Huh?” With Elias, the idea, concept and aesthetic are king. He overlooks the valley of creativity, wrecked by deforestation perpetuated by hacks. He cringes with disappointment. Then, with a green tongue, he pollinates the field with hope.

Jesse once explained the loose gravity he feels on stage that allows him to hover so effortlessly. According to Jesse, the stage and microphone creates another existence, an unreal reality. The outside world is very cold, the stage is usually warm and the microphone is always hot. Elias feels, looks and sounds comfortable on stage and it’s a beautiful realization to know you’re free.

It’s exciting to see the seemingly small stone make so many waves and ripples. The majority respect and admire the rapid brilliance pulsing in Jesse work and personality. The minority quakes with jealousy, green eyes observing the prestige and ascension. Elias barely plays by show business’ politically rules; he perpetually grows because and in service to his talent. Opportunity seeks Jesse because it knows the wiry prodigy will deliver in amazing fashion.

In addition to his stand-up ability, Elias processes a cache of talents in other mediums. Portraits, hypothetical landscapes, 8-bit illustrations, MIDI compositions and an excellent countertenor voice are a few of Jesse’s skills loosely showcased on the Internet. It’s daunting to know that Elias’ exploits are stymied by a lull in time and funds. One can only anticipate and imagine the wonderment of a Jesse Elias film, animation or video game.

Of course Elias will shy away from all this adulation, shrink from the attention and praise. It is apart of Jesse’s loveable nature, the shell of humbleness he retreats into. For now the shell is beneficial; Elias incubates in the nurturing goo of his consciousness, warmed from above by the Bay Area’s comedic posterior. Nevertheless that shell will crack one day and a fully formed Jesse Elias will emerge as the cult protagonist he’s destined to be. Until then the hip will marvel at the golden wunderkind, blinding the underground with his saturated reflection.

Jesse Elias, illustrated by Leslie Winchester