SFWeekly’s Best of San Francisco 2013: A Comedy Perspective

Every year around this time has a fervor of excitement in the Bay Area comedy community. San Francisco is a crown hub of stand-up, a respected market for art and culture, and a mecca for a certain kind of comedy fan. It’s the soup: where the transcendent feed and microcosms emerge and evolve. That being said, it’s also a place with little industry, little structure, and massive turnover. Trying to get noticed, trying to become accomplished, is an arduous, lonesome, unappreciated task. That’s why, during this time of year, a progress report of sorts really sets the year’s tone for a select group of performers.

SFWeekly recently published it’s “Best of” collection of articles, and, as always, a motley group of comedians got the nod (and boost) of recognition. 

Readers’ Poll, Best Comedian: Alicia Dattner

Best S.F. Comics to Watch in 2013: Brendan Lynch, David Gborie, Matt Rath, Anna Seregina, Ryan Cronin, David Studebaker, Andrew Holmgren, Natasha MuseKaseem Bentley, and Ben Feldman.

Best Chameleon Comic: Miles K.

Best Comedy Troupe: Sylvan Productions.

Best Comedic Variety Show: Don’t Watch This Show LIVE!

Best Escape Artist in Comedy: The Purple Onion

All of these “categories” are absurdly specific, which is a creative way to skirt around a fundamental truth: there’s no “best” in San Francisco, but there is a best at being oneself (or at least at being interesting enough to write a blurb on).