Courting Barbary: Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction [8 Days Left]

[Everything is shaping up with a little more than a week until Outside Lands. Line-ups have been announced, tickets are gone, beer is being put into canisters. It is now perfectly clear that on August 10th, at 1:30pm, the most egregious depravity shall be on display in the form of the Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction. The concept is thusly: one group of comedians are given a random prompt culled from audience suggestion, which could be anything from Smurfs to the New Testament, and are given time to write a grossly hedonistic adaptation of the source material. While their writing, another group performs a pre-written piece of seminal sementality. Audience votes, the second group performs, audience votes, laughter abounds, and winners are crowned. What makes CEFF a crazy, unique spectacle is that nuclear-hot creativity is rendered dormant by the show’s end. The once-in-a-lifetime,¬†guttural¬†musings live only in the hearts of their primary beholder (or perhaps, podcast listeners). Nevertheless, it’s amazing to imagine such filth so early in the day. Cheers]