Munday Comedy News (5/23/2011)

Marga’s Funny Mondays @ The Marsh. 2120 Allston Way. Berkeley, CA. 8 PM. $10. (WOOF). Featuring Amy Miller, Nicole Calasich, Squeeks Morales, and Kevin Munroe. Host: Marga Gomez. (More Information Link)

Deco Open Mic. 510 Larkin. SF. 7-9 PM. Contact tony.koester at gmail dot com for bookings. [Boomshakala!]

50 Mason Live w/ Conrad Roth. Free. 9:30 PM. Featuring Bob and Austin, Pam Benjamin, Trevor Hill, and Sammy Obeid. Open Mic starting @ 11 PM. 

Nick’s Crispy Taco/The Rouge Open Mic with Travis Curry and Tony Sparks. 1500 Broadway. SF. Sign Ups: 9:00. Show: 9:30. Free [but buy some tacos].

Club Deluxe. 1511 Haight St. SF. 9:00 PM. $5.

SFCC @ The Purple Onion. 140 Columbus Ave. SF. 7 PM. $6. 18+ Featuring the up and comers of the San Francisco Comedy College.

Nutty Monday’s Open Mic and Showcase @ The Stony Inn. 1320 Del Paso Blvd. Sacramento. Hosted by: Tristan Johnson.