I just competed in “Twisted Biscuit”, San Francisco’s comedy game show where local comics impersonate/parody/mock other Bay Area comics. It’s pretty heavy on the inside jokes and you’d probably have to be a comic, an aficionado of the SF comedy scene, or just a poor barista or bartender—who is subject to an open mic or show in their place of business every week—to truly appreciate or even understand most of it. In any case, this is the audio of my set from round one. Enjoy!

Notes on this track:
-[0:35] When Danny gets his improv suggestions, he pulls out a #2 pencil and uses it to tap on his cheek while simply repeating the audience’s suggestions back to them.
-[2:58] Jabari’s notes are 3 pieces of paper and each one has a message on the back (facing the audience) written in huge letters. The first one says “THINGS GANGSTERS DO”.
-[3:06] - The next one says “THINGS WHITE PEOPLE EAT”
-[3:16] - The final one says “‘YOU FEEL ME?!’” (with the JD signature logo next to it).