Where You Should Be (or You’ll Hate Yourself)

We Are Nudes.

I will continually go on the record that this is the best production I’ve seen out of San Francisco. I firmly believe that if given a nice chunk of time the Nudes will blow anybody away. And now they have that time. 

 Friday and Saturday July 9th and 10th. In the Mission. 8 pm. 5 bucks. Cheap beer. Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. - via. Facebook

The official coordinates for the Nudes tonight and tomorrow are: 998 Valencia Street (Corner of 21st and Velencia).

Now unfortunately, I will be performing on Friday and be unable to go. BUT on Saturday I am fully prepared to lose my shit. If you like weird, imaginative comedy come lose your shit as well. Even if you don’t, come see me lose my shit because I’ve been told that I’m an entertaining shit loser.