As a follow up to my previous post, here’s the audio of my set from the second and final round of Twisted Biscuit. I came in 2nd behind the ever-funny & ever-unique Jesse Elias who performed an amazing self-composed song medley, concisely roasting a litany of Bay Area comics.

[UPDATE: A video of most of this set can be seen here with the password “biscuit”.]

Notes on this track:
-[1:17] All of Sal’s set, he’s moving like an confused marionette. The line, “It’s like I’m covered in bubblegum!” is meant to address that.
-[2:05] Loren is in extreme pain throughout her whole set. The stage lights start to burn her, so she puts up her hand to shield her eyes. Then her blocking hand starts to burn. Then her glasses feel to heavy for her face. She tries to take them off, but lifting them hurts her hand. Etc, etc, ad infinitum.
-[3:36] Samson’s joke was supposed to get a huge applause break, but the recording I tried to play from my phone was really quiet.

[If you’re viewing this page on Tumblr, cell phone photo credit goes to Kristee Ono for her picture of the 2nd place ribbon ceremony with me on the left and Twisted Biscuit host Miles K. on the right.]

[In order Thayer emulates Griffin Daley, Sal Calanni, Loren Kraut, Samson Koletkar, Joe Klocek and Greg Asdourian]