RSS: Random Street Stories (Episode 003) by AbstrktVolcano (aka William Head) featuring Josh Argyle, Brandon Stokes and Chris Duncan

RSS: Random Street Stories is a collaborative documentary film series by William Head, which combines the story-telling talents and personalities of the San Francisco comedy scene with featured musicians and djs from around the world. Filmed & edited by William Head for AbstrktVolcanoFilm.

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Episode 003 

3.10 - 3.14.14 / Haight St., Folsom St.

Comedian Brandon Stokes describes his days as a wayward youth. Comedian Josh Argyle relives his worst day in the custodial arts. Comedian Chris Duncan recounts a particularly interesting experience as a Lyft driver.

Music by Soto the Zen Master

Selected Tracks (in order): Can’t Be Alone / A Cup of Tea / Def Center / I Remember Clifford