Jabari B(ooks) Davis # 2 : “Monster”

"The good thing about Autobiographies, is that you never know how they can change the direction of your life. I remember in the summer of 1994, I picked up "Monster," by Sanyika Shakur aka Cody Scott. A riveting and graphic tale of GangBanging in Los Angeles. At this point I was swaying between GangBanging and Education, leaning a lot more towards GangBanging. As it seemed like the most logical choice at the time.

This book was powerful. In the sense that it was the first book that I read in less than 6hrs. The dialogue and tone of the book was so vivid and descriptive, that I went on a ride with the author. By the time the book was over, I personally felt like I had murdered enemies, been in and out of prison, got shot multiple times, and found myself after years of being in solitary confinement. It took less than 6 hrs, and a book to satisfy my desire to go down a path that so many other black men had succumbed to. “Monster” Cody Scott was in my eyes, the Michael Jordan of Genocide, and doing it better than him, was impossible. The only thing I could do more Gangster than him, was go somewhere he’d never been. Like College.

Four years later I walked across the stage with a degree in Philosophy from Fresno State, wearing Blue Chuck Taylor’s and Blue shoe laces. Not because I was a Crip, I was far from it. I did it to honor “Monster” Cody Scott. He sacrificed his life, so I could do right by mine! Now thats Gangsta!”

-Jabari B. Davis