Onion Juice: Countdown to the Purple Onion

Zach Galifianakis: Live at the Purple Onion is one of the most personally influential comedy DVDs. Released in 2007, the movie proved to be the bonding force between me and one of my best friends, Caleb Welsh. The movie started a number of friendships but it was with Caleb and I that my comedic mind started bubbling overtime. Our senses of humor clicked absurdly well, and when our school hosted a small open-mic comedy event we looked to each other for inspiration. Hours were spent at the Xtreme Bean in Tempe, AZ; writing jokes in Lisa Frank folders trying to make each other laugh. Every comic has a friend that they wish followed in their pursuits of comedy, because they hold their friend in greater comedic esteem than themselves (the better funny person syndrome I guess). Well Caleb was/is that for me, and knowing him is all thanks to Mr. Galifianakis.