Wednesday Comedy Wrap-Up

One of the best. Maria Bamford is performing two shows at the Punchline tonight. The 8 o’clock show is sold out but 10 clock is open according to LiveNation.

Greg is going away from us. Tonight will be his last headlining in San Francisco for a while. Also on the bill are: Chris Thayer, David Wiswell, Colleen Watson, Janine Brito (you, the people you’re going to regretfully miss when they get famous).

Ricky Luna is trying some new awesomeness at the Stud. Meaning: Free money for some lucky person. That’s over at the Stud. 

Of course, The Business holding down my second home: The Dark Room Theater. 

And finally, my Inaugural Hosting Event at McGrath’s featuring a lot cool new things. It’s more like a party if anything.