Onion Juice: Countdown to the Purple Onion (Jabari Davis)

The countdown to August 28th continues. On that day I perform at the Purple Onion (8PM). A day more than a month away and with each day my excitement continues to build. One reason I’m excited is because of whose running/headlining the event: Jabari Baraka Davis

Jabari has been the champion of a Renaissance since the beginning of the year. Fed up with the confining comedy system in the city he decided to take his name and brand and shoot it into the stratosphere. 

With that decision, a ton of great comedians are being highlighted and an excitement has enriched the scene. Jabari is doing big things and he’s doing it with style, grace and poise.

Coupled with this new business plan is the opportunity for one of the best performers based in the Bay Area to continually impress and charm on stage. I’ve have the pleasure to work with Jabari a few times (Alameda Comedy Jam, 4th Street Tavern) and his crisp delivery and polish is always on point. 

This isn’t steam. Jabari is one of my favorite comedians because his ability to take his life experiences and make them resonate with everybody in the building. I’ve seen what he’s talking about: Satellite Thugs, Frozen Yogurt, Post Hood Syndrome, Whole Foods. What makes it special is he finds the essence of the situation and paints it with painstaking comedic detail. 

Plus my Mom loves his act and that’s a great stamp of approval in my book.