Wednesday Comedy Wrap-Up (August 4th)

Open Mic Comedy at McGrath’s Pub in Alamedia. $Free. 9:00 PM. featuring OJ Patterson, Justin Harrison, Joey Nitro, and more…

Stud Open Mic Comedy. Sign Ups: 8:30. Show: 9:00. Featuring Ricky Luna and Kelly Annekin.

Madrone Art Bar. 7 P.M. $Free.99. Featuring Donny Divanian, Cory Loykasek, Sheila Bryson, Colleen Watson, Shawn Robbins, Cameron Vannini, Nick Palm, Kelly McCarron. Hosted by: Tony Sparks.

Jabari Davis Presents Live at the Purple Onion. $20. 8:00. Featuring Trenton Davis, Rachel McDowell, Alan Mathis, Malcolm Grissom, Sean Sinha, and more.

The Business roars into August with a powerhouse triumvirate of guest stars - Kurt Weitzmann, Heather Gold, and Sheng Wang. They’re all joining Chris Garcia, Bucky Sinister, and Sean Keane to provide one of the hottest nights of comedy that doesn’t involve a kitchen fire. Six comics! Just five bucks! Because we do it for you, San Francisco. 8 PM, at the Dark Room.

Sheng Wang is a native of Houston, but came of comedy age in The Bay. He’s appeared on Comedy Central and was part of the legendary Comedians of Comedy tour. Now a resident of New York, Sheng is back to share his comedy - and his photography. We’re always thrilled to have Sheng on the show, and also to inevitably eat tacos with Sheng after the show.

Kurt Weitzmann has appeared on Comedy Central, MTV, and every comedy club that exists, has existed, or will exist in the Bay Area, He created the acclaimed parody “The SF Weekly,” wrote and directed the film “Last Call,” and co-created the Jesus Roast, the Hitler Roast, and the Obama Roast.

Heather Gold is the love child of Sarah Silverman and Rachel Maddow and tours North America as a comedian, speaker, and solo performer. She’s the host of “The Heather Gold Show,” and holds degrees from Yale and Northwestern Law, which may have been what drove her into comedy in the first place. She’ll also be presenting a workshop on the 8th - check it out at