Event: 8/6/2010 (TONIGHT!) Neil Hamburger at Hemlock Tavern (8&10PM) [HOLY SHYT!]

“Despite his appalling comic timing, muddled delivery, and cliched material, stand-up Neil Hamburger nevertheless emerged as one of the most acclaimed and name-checked comedians of his generation; like Lenny Bruce before him, he was a hipster icon whose trailblazing riffs defied conventions at every turn, transcending the confines of hilarity with kamikaze recklessness. Prior to his ascendance, comedians were expected not only to be funny, but insightful as well; Hamburger changed all that forever.” - Answers.com

Comedian Chris Thayer lives and kills in San Francisco. Mining new depths of self-objectification with his droll, serrated deadpan, Chris has performed at The Purple Onion, Club Deluxe, and Hemlock Tavern opening for the likes of Reggie Watts and Rick Shapiro.

A rising talent in the San Francisco comedy scene, people are talking about Caitlin Gill. Most of those are people stuck in conversations with her father, who is really, really excited about his daughter telling dirty jokes to strangers in clubs. Her style twists her personal experiences into engaging bits and stories, and drops phrases in your ear that will later litter your lexicon. Since beginning her career in 2007, Caitlin has performed at the San Francisco Punchline, the Purple Onion, 12 Galaxies, and a couple of places in the tenderloin that used to be comedy clubs but are now abandoned buildings. She is also the host of the “The Ladies Room” Open Mic at the Brainwash, and “The Ladies Room” Showcase at Club Deluxe. 



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DAMN!!! I have friends in town who want to go out dancing before they leave tomorrow. So I won’t be able to go see one of my favorite personas live. If I could shave off three years of my life to split my body in two, so that I could see this one performance. I would in a heartbeat. Living is overrated, Comedy is forever.