Jabari B(ooks) Davis # 4 : “All The Fun”

After a brief hiatus, Courting Comedy presents another “Jabari B(ooks) Davis” (w/ @jabaridavis)

"Why Should White Guys Have all of the Fun?," by Reginald Lewis is probably the most inspiring book that I have ever read. Its the story of a Black Business man doing things in a predominately White Male dominated field, that not even white men could accomplish. He became a billionaire by simply asking himself a question most Black people never consider asking themselves. 3 yrs ago I walked into the San Francisco Punchline on a Sunday, watched the whole show, and left with one question in my head, "Why Should White Guys Have all of The Fun?" My answer was that they shouldn’t. And thats when Jabari Davis and Associates was born. The book title that started a movement!

- Jabari Davis. You can see Jabari at the Purple Onion all weekend. Check out his Facebook and Twitter for all the information.