Too Much Comedy Tuesday

The comedy gods look down at my misfortune. Tons of great comedy happening all over the Bay Area and I can only attend one event. Sadness…


Sylvan Open Mic Improv @ The Dark Room. 2263 Mission Street. SF. 7:30-10:30

Bust Me Up Tuesday Comedy Night @ The Parlor. 2801 Leavenworth Street. San Francisco. $20. 2 Drink Min. 8PM. (Good cheapish drinks, good show, good venue, and some times… comp tickets. Depends on the day/crowd)

Alex Koll CD Recording @ The Punchline. 444 Battery St. San Francisco. $15. 8PM. (I’ve never been to a CD recording. I’ve never been to a full Alex Koll set. It’s a double whammy of disappointment if I don’t make it.)

Layover Comedy Night. 1517 Franklin Street. Oakland. 8:30 PM. Featuring Shawn Robbins, Jesse Elias, Sammy Franco, Front Row (sketch), Mike Spiegelman, Ivan Hernandez and Mary Van Note. (This is especially sad because this features friends, favorites, somebody whom I’ve been told I have to meet, Mike, and somebody I haven’t seen in a really long time, Mary).