From the Vault: Superhipster

Back in April I started writing a bunch of puns based on hipsters/superheroes/nerds. Cleverly named “superhipster”, the concept went far considering my nerdom has been faltering and my hipster knowledge is pretty basic:

The Death-Strokes

Wonder Man: Simon Williamsburg

Street Figther: Julian Casablanka

Skrullcandy headphones

Clap Your Hands and Say Yeerks

Batmans for Lashes

Bright Eyed Lizard: Doctor Curt Connor Oberst

Grant Morrissey

Cletus Kasady: Street Carnage

Collab with David Wiswell: The Incredible Sulk, Ray Banner

From David Wiswell : Batman’s nemesis: the Coker

From Monica Ekabutr: Rogue’s Wave

From Dave Thomason: Captain America Apparel

Street Fighter: Arguile socks

Collaborated with Jerrod Hazelwood: Yo La Tengo Go Power Rangers

The Skinny Jeans Grey

From Christopher Slater: The silversun surfer pickups

500 Days of Scott Summers

Buffy the Vampire Weekend

The Joanna New Avengers

DC on the Radio

From David Wiswell: Wonder (if he’s a) Woman

The xx-Men

the Tokyo Police Hellfire Club

the Bombay Bicycle Hellfire Club

The JLA= Just Leaked Album

Adam Wes Anderson

from Dave Wiswell: The Silver Bike Messenger

Dark Phoenix: If I Ever Kill Billions (reference:

From Jesse McGrath: Andy WARhol Machine

Gauche Rider (Flaming Fixed Gear, Gold Chains, Leather, “Pretentious Stare”)

From comedian David Wiswell: Iron-y Man

With great cat power comes great responsibility

Pabst Blue Beetle