Tuesday, September 14th, 8:30 sharp, NO COVER. 21+.

Mike Spiegelman hosts Casey Ley, Nick Leonard, Abbey Jordon, Harmon Leon, Colleen Watson, and Andy Haynes.

Layover Bar

1517 Franklin between 15th and 17th Streets
Oakland, CA.

This guy isn’t playing around. You should go.

Abbey Jordan Show: Episode 2 John Mayer

(She makes paper have more humanity than a lot of humans).

The Abbey Jordan Show Episode One

(Every time I see Abbey I like to imagine a tea party between Audrey Tautou’s character in Amelie, Rachel Weisz’ character in The Brother’s Bloom, and Maria Bamford. What they drinking? Yerba Matte of course because it’s my imaginary world and that’s my favorite tea.) 

Favorite Things of Last Night: 8/24/2010 (Sylvan)

Alec Jones-Trujillo as 

a restaurant menu

Abbey Jordan as

A muffin


Alec Jones-Trujillo as

Abbey Jordan 

(Not on stage, impression on the street for free and my amusement). 

Abbey Jordan being bold.

Favorite Things of Last Night: Sylvan Improv (8/17/2010)



Happy Birthday Abbey Jordan

Today is Abbey’s birthday. Over the last couple of days I’ve seen this lovely lady comically rip on and off stage and enjoyed every minute of it. AND I WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO ENJOY ABBEY JORDAN’S BEING HAD SHE NOT BEEN BORN. So with that.. Happy Birthday Abbey. You’re a super spy.

Abbey Jordan. Doing something. 

Abbey Jordan. Doing something. 

Favorite Things from Last Night: Sylvan Improv 7/27/2010

Favorite Things from Last Night: Sylvan Improv 7/27/2010