Podcast: Proudly Resents “Bobcat Goldthwait Gets Loud”. Featuring Adam Spiegelman. Guests: Bobcat Goldthwait. Download Link: Here. Official Link: Here. iTunes Link: Here

Bobcat Goldthwait (“God Bless America”) opens up about his rise to stardom at a young age. His first time on Letterman. His unique choices of movies. Most importantly, his obsession w/ C**k-blocking.

This ain’t your daddy’s interview! Unless I’m your daddy. Then it is. And I’m sorry I wasn’t around more.

[San Francisco legend talks about the making of a San Francisco legend in a pally chat with Adam Spiegelman.]

Podcast: Proudly Resents Episode 14: 1 Netflix Queue. 1 Year. 1 Man. 1 Snappy Headline. Featuring Adam Spiegelman. Guests: Bucky Sinister and Mike Spiegelman. Recorded at the Dark Room Theater. Download Link: Here. Official Link: Here

1 year to watch his entire Netflix queue – that’s 500 films, writer, performer, bouncer Bucky Sinister was up for the challenge. Did he make it? What was his favorite and what was his least? What about dating? I don’t know – just listen already.  Comedian Mike Spiegelman joins in the conversation. Mike’s much younger brother Adam Spiegelman hosts. Much, much younger.

Proudly Resents w/ Adam Spiegelman discusses the 1989 film, Traxx and the Dark Room Theater’s production of “Star Wars”. Guests: Mike Spiegelman and Jim Fourniadis. 

Keywords: Belt Buckles, Sociopath, Endangered Children, Chili Con Cookies, Trash Can, Legal Loop Holes, John Williams, Bad Movie Nights

Proudly Resents: Bad Movie Night.

Proudly Resents’ Adam Spiegelman and Dark Room Theater’s Bad Movie Night hosts Sherilyn Connelly and Mike Spiegelman discuss the happenings at the Dark Room on Sunday nights. Topics covered are annual shows, surprising sellouts, miserable misconceptions and cinematic blasphemy.

(I’ve been sitting on this for a while. Thanks to Adam Spiegelman for the heads up).

P.S. This Sunday marks the conclusion of Stephen King Month with the movie “The Running Man”

I’m not sure where Adam Spiegelman is from but Brent Weinbach’s ghost haunts the Bay, and he made me laugh on this episode so it fits on this blog some how.