"They that sex is a drug, which makes sense because I have/would/will totally suck dick for it."

Allison Mick @ Stork Club/Storking Comedy [Paraphrase]

Podcast: “Ron Talks to Girls: Ron Talks to Allison” w/ Ron Chapman and Allison Mick. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here.


Ron Talks to Girls - “Ron Talks to Allison”

Ron Chapman and I discuss college nudity, performative femininity, and how I stay pretty on Ron Talks to Girls this week. 

Infantile: Allison Mick

Infantile: Allison Mick

Allison Mick @ Stage Werx/Hella Funny

"Nobody wants be called racist but so many people are so racist. I’m half black, I’m like an “undercover brother”."

— Allison Mick Storking Comedy/Stork Club [Paraphrase]