Antithesis Radio x Brent Weinbach

[Where Brent talks about his passion for 8-bit and 16-bit music, his podcast “The Legacy Music Hour”, and his dance party at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles. Also, it’s Jesse Castro Jr.’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Jesse! Hop over to to see cool articles and hear cool interviews/music.]

Antithesis Radio x Louis Katz.

[Jesse Castro Jr. and Drew Pult curmudgeonly converse about sports cars, disabilities, and Bay Area Comedy. In the middle of the show, Jesse interviews Louis Katz about his new album “If These Balls Could Talk”, his Comedy Central Presents special, Elevator to Space, and the trajectory of his career. If they weren’t assholes their logo wouldn’t have a ring piece.]

Antithesis Radio x Megan Ganz

Antithesis Radio X Megan Ganz by Antithesisradio on Mixcloud

Jesse Castro Jr. is a Bay Area actor, comedian, and radio host. With his brand, Antithesis Radio, he posts interviews on Mixcloud with some very impressive guests. Here’s one with Megan Ganz, former writer on The Onion, Important Things w/ Demetri Martin, and now Community. Super funny person, really good interview.