Podcast: Deep S##! w/ Baron Vaughn. “Live From SF Sketchfest” with Caitlin Gill (SFNative) and James Adomian. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here.

Live from San Francisco Sketchfest with Caitlin Gill and James Adomian. Recorded by Will Scovill at the SF Punchline. Theme by WELL DUN. ATC y’all.

"I recently went to South Korea. If you have the chance to be the only black person in a country, do it. Everything I did became a new stereotype… ‘Black people sure like to read.’"

Baron Vaughn @ Lost Weekend Video/Talkies (talkiesshow[Paraphrase]

Podcast: Deep S##! w/ Baron Vaughn. “Focus” with Emily Maya Mills (SFNative). Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here.

Emily Maya Mills joins me for a conversation about Focus. Also, I go off the deep end a bit in my intro. I need some Focus, y’all. ATC Network. Theme by Well Dun.

Courting Comedy Spotify Playlist: (9/27/2013)

Spotify is a thing. I use it a lot and it’s getting popular (as evident of the consistent notifications of late-adopting friends joining). Also, there’s a lot of great comedy on the service (still no AST releases though). So with that in mind, here is a highlight of my week in Bay Area Comedy, through the Spotify catalogue.

1. "The 99 Cent Pregnancy Test" by Moshe Kasher. Kash Money is playing Sunnyvale’s Rooster T. Feathers this weekend. While his career has taken him to the highest and farthest reaches of comedy, it’s really fun to hear him figuring it out on his debut album: Everyone You Know Will DIe and Then You Are! Here’s a stand out track from that material, and for entertaining contrast, listen to its contextual sequel.

2. "The Pocket Crisis" by Marga Gomez. Gomez is San Francisco royalty. She recently closed shop at Comedy Bodega (exceptional comedy in the middle of the Mission), but long before that (1997) she released an album! Her trademark affability is brilliantly on display.

3. "Men and Women" by Sammy Obeid. You don’t have to read Courting Comedy to know about the exploits of Sammy Obeid. He’s literally taken the comedy world by storm, and in doing so, gave context to his success with the release of “Get Funny or Die Tryin’.” Here’s one of its many highlights.

4. "Gay on Accident, Oops!" by Keith Lowell Jensen. Last week, I saw Keith at the Sacramento Comedy Festival. I’ve been a fan of Keith’s talent and gusto from the giddy up but we live so far away from each other! Check out KLJ’s latest album - Elf Orgy- in addition to his two previous (also available on Spotify).

5. "Emily Heller" by Laugh Skull Comedy Festival. I miss Emily Heller. I just do.

6. "Penises and Lollipops" by Baron Vaughn. Baron is at the SF Punch this weekend, and, sadly, I will not be able to see one of my favorite comedians ever. Nonetheless, his rhythmic imagination crystallizes an earworm of comedic prowess. Listen to this and you’ll never get the song out of your head. (Also, “Cat People” is equally inescapable)

7. "I Don’t Feel Good / Vegetarian Option" by Tom Papa. It seems juvenile to love Tom Papa as much as I do. Not to discredit his comedy, — currently playing at Pleasanton’s Tommy T’s Steakhouse — but my reverence stems entirely from seeing him as a child, do an excellent 30-minutes of stand-up on Comedy Central. His talent lays wasted in my ignorance, but the vapors of “Tommy Salami” always makes me smile.

Podcast: Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction. Round 1 (Baron Vaughn, Nato Green, David Gborie, Jesse Elias, And Natasha Muse). Hosted by Bryan Cook. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here

Round one with Baron Vaughn, Nato Green, David Gborie, Jesse Elias, and Natasha Muse. Recorded at Cobb’s Comedy Club, San Francisco, CA June 6, 2013.

Podcast: Deep S##! w/ Baron Vaughn. “Understanding” with Hasan Minhaj (SF00s). Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here.

6/6. Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction @ Cobb’s Comedy Club. 915 Columbus Ave. SF. 8pm. $15. Featuring Baron Vaughn, Nato Green, Jules Posner, Caitlin Gill, Ivan Hernandez, David Gborie, Jesse Elias, Kevin O’Shea, Sean Keane and Natasha Muse. Tickets Available: Here


Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction - Feb 2012 - Derek Sheen

After performing to a capacity crowd at the Punchline in January, Bryan Cook’s Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction, returns to SF. The event features 10 comics, writing and performing Erotic Fan Fiction pieces, based upon their whims or audience suggestions.

The lineup includes special guest Baron Vaughn (LA) as well as San Francisco favorites Nato Green, Jules Posner, Caitlin Gill, Ivan Hernandez, David Gborie, Jesse Elias, Kevin O’Shea, Sean Keane and Natasha Muse.

Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction was originally founded in Seattle, and is now held monthly at the Nerdist Theater in Los Angeles, CA. It has been featured as part of the Noise for the Needy Festival (Seattle) Bridgetown Comedy Festival (Portland) Riot LA (Los Angeles) SF Sketchfest, and will be at the upcoming Just For Laughs fest (Chicago.) A podcast culled from the live show is debuting in 2013.

Laughspin.Com called CEFF “…One of my favorite comedy shows I’ve ever taken in. Period.”

[There’s so many things that make this show a no-brainer to go to. For starters, it has assembled some of the greatest perspectives/voices of the Bay Area’s comedy community: everyone is coming with a very skilled, very defined style. Secondly, I don’t know the outcome of January’s Sketchfest shows but LAST YEAR, two amazing champions were crowned with David Gborie and Sean Keane (whom will do battle at this event). Thirdly, the absurdity of so much filth is extremely cathartic. Fourthly, just fucking go.]

Podcast: Deep S##! w/ Baron Vaughn. “Frivolity” with Guy Branum (SF00s). Download Link: 

Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here

Guy Branum talks about the joy of enjoying things. Sometimes Frivolity is neeeded to get through tough days. ATC Network. Music by Well Dun.

Show Review: The Business 4 Year Anniversary (4/17/2013)

It’s t-minus fifteen minutes. The audience remains translucent. 49-seats of emptiness connects two pools of light. In the lobby Wigglesworth, nicest cyberpirate, watches the door with French bulldog, Wellington, lazily laying nearby. Across the moody, barren strait, a smattering of chattery, the loudest voice belonging to Bucky Sinister.

Bucky has probably heard some offensive assumptions: stocky, tattooed, downplayed dapper with freshly cut, slick hair. In the avocado-green room, with suspended livery and hoarded horrors, the sensitive badass is a kingly raconteur, bouncing lively in badinage with two of the night’s guests, neighborhood chocolatiers.

The Daily Show, local anti-political performance art, pranks. A rich colloquial confluence of rolling anecdotes from legitimately interesting San Franciscans with one exception. Nato Green, native through in through, slinks into a sleeve of his own design, iPhoning with a casual aloofness. “Do we have two mic[rophones] ready?” Nato leaks. Bucky exits to check, leaving Green to pre-interview with ebbing/flowing soccerdadcoach excitability.

Sean Keane arrives ‘round eight, complimented on his “Let It Be” McCartney-ness before being whisked away by the natural chaos of live production. Comedy isn’t glitz, it is gridiron exhibitions containing a lot of audibles. Caitlin Gill arrives. It’s t-plus eighteen minutes. In a matter of thirty minutes the once husky belly of the Dark Room Theater is now paunchy and groaning. Baron Vaughn — “Way less famous than he should be,” spouts Nato — is running late, and everyone seems even keel about it. Hasn’t anybody told the showrunners that it’s their fourth anniversary, an occasion worthy of silk, flowers or at least punctuality? Why does everything seem like business as unusual?

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Podcast: Deep S##! w/ Baron Vaughn. “Patience” with Hasan Minhaj. Download Link: Here. iTunes: Here. Official Link: Here

Hasan Minhaj returns to share thoughts, feelings, and burp sounds on the subject of Patience. We got deep on this one. Good fun times. Theme music by Well Dun (google him). ATC Network.