Sketch Saturday: Charles, Your Hangover: Part 1: Teacher w/ ft. Lauren Lapkus by Two Trick Pony Productions (via aboveaverage)

Sketch Saturday: “iTalkers” by jericho! Comedy

[Interesting! Production company announcements are a little too “inside” for this lowly culture blog but the Berkeley Boys of The Lonely Island are always a point of intrigue. Given their bottom-to-top, Channel101-to-SNL-to-movies-to-television-to-music-and-more portfolio of excellence, the expectations are extremely high. It’s funny, a decade ago Fox shot down Awesometown. Now, they’re in bed with the princes of weirdness. Cool beans.]

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Podcast: WTF w/ Marc Maron. Episode 459. Featuring Andy Samberg. Download Link: Here. iTunes Link: Here. Official Link: Here.

Andy Samberg (Native) says he’ll probably be most remembered for “D*** in a Box,” and that’s okay by him. Marc talks with the former SNL cast member to find out about the other things he’ll be remembered for, including his Lonely Island collaborations, his films and his new television show. Plus, Andy tells Marc why pro-wrestling is responsible for his devotion to SNL

[This really cleared up a lot of Lonely Island lore, as well as a delightful porthole into Andy’s goofiness. Good talk.]

"D*ck In A Box" by The Lonely Island featuring Andy Samberg (Native) and Justin Timberlake

Sketch Sunday: “Elevator Party” by jericho! Comedy

12/26–12/31. Paul Mooney @ Black Repertory Theater. 3201 Adeline St. Berkeley. $35–$150. 
Hayden Greif-Niell @ UC Berkeley/SquelchLive by georgethechen

Whoopi Goldberg (SF70s) Presents Moms Mabley[Trailer]

[I want to have viewing parties with comedy nerds for this documentary. So many legends talking about THE legend, great archival footage, and an insanely revealing. I love love love this. Find it, check it, spread it.]